Our History...

Calverton Baptist Church was founded in 1901, when the community in and around Calverton decided they needed a Baptist church closer to home. Many of the citizens of Calverton had to travel far to attend church. Many were members of Zoar Baptist Church, but traveling was not as easy as it today, so they decided to build a church in Calverton. Other churches, including Bealeton Baptist Church and Culpeper Baptist Church also had members transfer to be closer. The first service was held on February 24, 1901 in a one-room school house in Calverton. The very next day, the founding members started building the foundation where the church stands today.

Over the next few months, the members worked steadily to finish and on September 22, 1901, the first service in that building was held. That church still stands, although with a few additions. The first addition was the west wing, built in 1910, in order for the church to host its first Sunday School and Bible convention. The addition added seating for 100 more people. Over the following years, Calverton was host to more Sunday School and Bible conventions, as well as Women’s Missionary Associations. Electricity was wired in 1922 and heat was dispensed through a wood stove, which sat in the middle of the church. On August 16, 1933, Calverton Baptist Church held its first of many revival services. Members and family from all over came to worship and praise the Lord. It was also in 1933 that the wood stove was replaced with a coal-burning stove which was located outside of the church.

The following years, Calverton’s membership grew through member transfers and baptisms of new and converted believers. In 1953, after 50 years of guest pastors and sharing the same pastor with sister churches, Rev. Graver became Calverton Baptist’s first ordained pastor. In April 1958, Rev. Graver resigned in order to fulfill his calling as a mountain missionary. Following Rev. Graver’s departure, supply pastors from surrounding areas came in to preach. Calverton still continued to have a church field relationship with their sister church Bealeton Baptist, including sharing pastors and holding joint business and council meetings. On June 30th, 1960, Calverton Baptist Church held its first Vacation Bible School. This is a summer tradition that has continued since. In February 1961, the Children’s Nursery was established. Also in February 1961, it was decided that church services, which until now had only been held once or twice a month, would be adopting a full-time service, held every Sunday. On April 7th, 1961 the members decided that there was a need for more Sunday School rooms to keep up with the growing congregation. It was decided that the west wing addition would get an upper floor with partitioned walls to make more Sunday school rooms. On August 27th, 1961 Calverton Baptist celebrated its Sixtieth Anniversary during its revival. It was also the start of the famous church sign, with humble beginnings as a hand-painted sign placed in the front yard of the church. On March 17th, 1962 was the day Calverton received a donated large King James Bible which was placed on the pulpit table. Both the bible and the table are in use today, with the table serving as a place for communion on the first Sunday of every month, as well as the resting place for the offertory plates. On May 4th, 1967 the front vestibule was built and added to the front of Calverton. In 1973, it was decided that an additional wing was needed to provide more space in accordance to the growth of the church. The East wing, or the educational wing, included Sunday School rooms as well as a Pastor’s study on the first floor, and a social hall and kitchen on the second floor. In 1974, the church decided it needed a Library. It was set up in the lower floor of the older Sunday School rooms in the west wing addition. The Library is still in use in the same room today.

On February 9th, 1975 the church decided to provide Children’s Church for younger members and guest congregation to be held during regular church services. Also in 1975 through the generosity of Stewart and Kathleen Eustace, descendants of Calverton’s founding members, the east wing was paid off. In July of 1984, Calverton and Bealeton Baptist Church disbanded their church field relationship and Rev. Carroll Hamilton continued as the Church’s first full time pastor until his resignation in 1987. A playground was set up for the youth and the first lighted sign on route 28 was raised. On July 11th, 1989 the church steeple was placed atop the roof. Up until the 90s, many of the baptisms had been performed in a small tributary nearby as well as the baptistries at surrounding churches. In 1991, a new baptistry was built at the church behind the pulpit, joining the east wing. On November 24, 1991, the baptistry was dedicated and the first baptism was performed. In the few years that followed, the church was renovated to make it more efficient and cost-effective. In September 1995, the lighted church sign was replaced with the larger, brighter sign that still stands today. More renovations continued through the late nineties. On October 6th, 1999, four stained glass windows were installed in the sanctuary, followed by four more in the vestibule and west wing on November 9th. New hand-crafted front doors were placed on October 26th. On July 8th, 2001, Calverton Baptist Church celebrated its 100 years.

With 100+ years of service to the Lord, there are many things that were missed. If you would like to know more about Calverton Baptist and the history, please contact calvertonbaptist@gmail.com.

God Bless.